I'm Steve Caruso: Athlete, Adventurer, Pilgrim, Renaissance Dad. 

I'm husband to blogger, Nicole M. Caruso, and daddy to Cecilia. I grew up as an ambidextrous kid in New York, raised by artist parents and Catholic schools. 

I've served in the Air Force, studied at Columbia University and LSU, sailed across the Atlantic, driven to Mexico City, and coached high performance athletes. 

I only have a few hobbies: golf, CrossFit, exploring cities, coffee, cooking for friends, photography, reading, and singing. 

I'm a perpetual student on a lifelong study abroad. I've learned five languages with the foolish goal of convincing people I'm a native speaker.

I write about modern life with a traditional twist, innovation, and my inventions. I'm inspired by the arts, sciences, history, philosophy, and my faith.

My dad was a renaissance man who showed me that "a man can do all things if he will." My goal with TRD is to inspire others to pursue greatness in many areas. 

There's never been a better time to rediscover your strengths and 10x your talents. So whatever modernity throws at you, keep striving!